Bikes Delivered on Demand

At Pedal Anywhere we deliver bikes on demand. Reserve from 2 hours up to a year in advance. Ride from 1-60 days. That’s it!

Looking for a non-fussy, high performance hybrid to ride around the city? We’ve got those. Want a Touring bike that will take you 1,000 miles down the coast? We’ve got those too. Want a gravel-worthy bike to explore the Cascade Foothills? Yep, we’ve got you covered.

Our standard setup comes with free delivery and free pickup (within our Free Service Area), a helmet, and a lock. From there you can customize to your heart’s content: front or rear racks, panniers, different pedals, car racks, flat repair kits and tools, bike maps, or suburban or rural delivery.

You pay upon delivery, and there is no cancellation fee. Rentals are fully refundable, and you will only pay for days you actually ride.

There are no deposits, and we accept debit, credit, check, cash, Apple Pay, and Android Pay. Just sign the Rental Agreement and you’ll be on your way.

Finally, we’re open 84 hours a week, from 8am-8pm every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between your hybrid and road bikes?

In general, our hybrids are more comfortable and more upright, while our road bikes have better components and are more suitable for long days on the road. Here’s a breakdown of the differences between them:

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 6.00.27 PM

What size bike do I need?

Everyone’s preferences are different, but as a rough guide, our bikes come in 5 hybrid sizes and 6 road sizes:

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 7.40.31 PM

Where do you deliver?

Our Friday Harbor shop offers free delivery within Friday Harbor, or $20 delivery anywhere else on San Juan Island.

In Seattle we have 5 delivery zones. Delivery and pickup within Seattle is always free, and deliveries of up to 100 miles each way are available!

PA Service Area-01

When do I pay? What payment do you accept?

You pay upon delivery of your bike. No need to pay in advance!

We accept cash and all major credit cards (Yes, AMEX and Discover too), Apple Pay, and Android Pay. Corporate clients or group rentals may pay by check. If you pay by cash we cannot make change, and we will need a credit card number on file, but we will not charge a deposit.

What kind of bikes do you carry?

Our current hybrid model is the Fuji Absolute 2.1. Our current road bikes are a mix of Fuji Tread 1.5 and the Fuji Touring. The differences between the hybrids and road bikes are many, but in general the hybrids are 25-28lbs with aluminum frames, flat bars, and 24 speeds (3×8) with mid-level components. The road bikes are 22-28lbs, aluminum or steel frames, with either 27 (3×9) or 18 (2×9) speeds.

What’s the fine print?

To keep the lawyers happy and to protect ourselves and you, all renters will sign our standard Rental Agreement.

What kind of pedals can I use?

All bikes come with flat (platform) pedals by default. If you prefer a different pedal type you may always bring your own pedals, or we also carry a small selection of:

  • SPD
  • SPD Road
  • Look Keo
  • Crank Brothers (egg beaters)
  • Toe Clips

How many bikes can you deliver at once? 

Our maximum for free delivery is 8 bikes. From 8-25 bikes, we add a $10 delivery fee per bike.

Are the bikes well maintained?

We tune every bike once a month, and also inspect and tune each bike upon return. Though flat tires are a normal setback you may experience, and though components may occasionally malfunction during your rental due to normal wear and tear, we guarantee you’ll get a freshly tuned bike every time you rent.

Do you fix flats? Will you pick me up if I’m tired, etc?

Yes! For $25 extra you may optionally add Trailside Assistance to your rental, and we will come out and fix your flats, offer mechanical assistance, or even just pick you up if you’re too tired to keep riding. You may also rent a Repair Kit for $15, which includes a spare tube, tire levers, a hand pump, and a multitool.

I’m doing a long bike tour. Can I do a one-way rental?

Yes! You may have different delivery or pickup locations anywhere within our delivery area, and you will be charged based on the delivery zone (see below).

If you’re going farther, you may bike to any Amtrak station that accepts Amtrak Express Shipping packages, and send the bikes back to us in one of their bike boxes at your own expense. Every year we have several renters who ride from Seattle to San Francisco, for example, and ship the bikes back to us via Amtrak. Eligible one-way destinations include Portland, San Francisco (Oakland), Sacramento, Los Angeles, San Diego, Spokane, San Jose, Bellingham, Eugene, Klamath Falls, Santa Barbara, Denver, and Salt Lake City.

Do you offer group rates?

Yes! For groups of 10 or more, we offer a 10% discount. For groups of 50 or more, we offer a 20% discount.

How big is your fleet?

Currently we have 65 bikes in Seattle, and 20 in Friday Harbor.

Do you have kids bikes?

Yes! We carry 20″ and 24″ kids bikes, ride-along trailers, and child-carrying trailers.

Do you have electric bikes or scooters?

Not yet, but we hope to soon!

Do you have [insert super high-end carbon bike with x components and y geometry]?

We stock only high quality, versatile bikes, all touring-worthy with clearance for racks and fenders. So if you’re a racer, track rider, triathlete, or other rider who wants a super high-end, super light bike, you’d probably be happier renting from a racing shop.

Are your rentals priced per calendar day or 24-hour period? 

24 hour period. If you rent a 3-day bike on a Tuesday evening, we think you should have it until Friday evening, even though that’s 4 calendar days. Etc.