Our Team

Zach Shaner | Co-Founder and CEO

With a lifelong love of cities, transit, urban cycling, and bike touring, Zach co-founded Pedal Anywhere with Lucas Nivon in 2014. Zach is a trained Environmental Economist and cares most deeply about reimagining cities around walking and bicycling.  Zach ran business operations until June 2017, and has since gone on to work for Sound Transit.

Lucas Nivon | Co-Founder and Advisor

Pedal Anywhere was Lucas’ brainchild upon realizing that visitors and long-term renters were badly underserved by the current rental market. Lucas funded the starter fleet and brought Zach aboard, and remains a founding partner and advisor. Lucas is also Founder and CEO of Cyrus Biotechnology.

Meaghan McClure | Operations Manager

Meaghan is an anthropologist and designer by training, and a diehard cycling advocate.  Meaghan joined Pedal Anywhere in July 2016 as our Outreach Manager and was promoted to Operations Manager in June 2017, overseeing a team of 3-5 bike couriers.